Hot Jobs in IT: The Java Developer

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What does a Java Developer do?

Hot Jobs in IT: The Java Developer

One of the hottest careers in the IT industry is that of the Java Developer. The growing popularity of Java as an increasingly useful platform for computers and cell phones is an indication that the improving affordability of both will lead to significant job growth in the IT sector.

The demand for individuals skilled and experienced in Java is high, and projections indicate that it'll only get higher. Organizations need Java Developers to ensure smooth methods of communication to their intended audience, whether they be internal users accessing the company intranet to perform job functions, or customers accessing the company website.

Employers are looking for individuals armed not only with technical prowess, but also with a keen understanding of the customer experience. It's because of this delicate blend of technical and interpersonal skill that many companies contract professional agencies to find candidates who fit this requirement. Java Developers earn between $60,000 and $140,000.



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