Job Opportunities in Home Healthcare

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What is the outlook for home healthcare careers?

Job Opportunities in Home Healthcare

With the days of doctors making house-calls a thing of the past, it's ironic that home healthcare jobs are one of the fastest growing occupations in the industry.

There are many reasons that factor into this, not the least of which is the consideration of cost. With the cost of hospitals and long-term care facilities skyrocketing, the hiring of a home health aide has become a viable alternative for those looking for more affordable methods of care.

Home health aides provide routine care to convalescent, disabled or elderly patients living at home or in residential facilities. The increasing popularity of this service is opening up a broad field of possibilities for both patients and healthcare workers. Opportunities in this field are projected to grow as baby boomers retire.

Most home health aides are employed by private companies, or are contracted on a pro tem basis by professional staffing agencies.



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