Military Engineering: Weapons of War and Peace

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What does a military engineer do?

Military Engineering: Weapons of War and Peace

The origin of military engineering dates back to the Roman empire, and in many respects is one of the oldest occupations still hiring. Though historically military engineers have been associated with designing and building weapons of war, their role is far more diverse.

In addition to improving weapons and aircraft technology, military engineers are responsible for a number of defensive strategies. Scanning and disarming enemy minefields, erecting bridges, setting up communications posts, and utilizing their ingenuity to circumvent all manner of battlefield obstacles may not adequately describe a day in the life of the average military engineer, but it does describe some of their collective accomplishments.

In addition to their invaluable contributions during wartime, military engineers also work in a variety of different fields, from aerospace to environmental health and safety. With defense spending a continued priority in today's world, opportunities are ripe for those interested in pursuing military engineering careers.



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