The Many Facets of Being a Civil Engineer

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What is a civil engineer?

The Many Facets of Being a Civil Engineer

Civil engineering is one of the most long-standing disciplines in all of engineering, and continues to play a vital role in societal growth. It's also been identified as one of the top engineering jobs for pay and projected job growth. The career path of a civil engineer can cover a broad range of specialties:

  • Geotechnical engineers determine the load bearing capacities of rock and soil in preparation for the building of roads and structures.
  • Structural engineers are involved in the safe design of buildings, bridges, dams, and tunnels.
  • Transportation engineers utilize a complex method of traffic and population forecasting to plan streets, highways, railroads, harbors, and airports.
  • Hydraulic engineers work closely with geotechnical engineers in the building of bridges, dams, levees, channels, and canals.
  • Environmental engineers study the effect of pollution on our environment, and work to find avenues of improvement to eliminate the causes and minimize their negative effects.



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