Keeping Your Interview Skills in Shape

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Can working as a contracted employee help better my interview skills?

Keeping Your Interview Skills in Shape

One of the most important tips for interview success is contained in the experience gained on a daily basis when performing contract work. Few people realize that working with a recruiter not only serves to maintain a steady flow of income, but it also keeps you constantly prepared for that long awaited, and equally dreaded, “big interview”—the kind that comes along only every so often, the kind with epic importance that's been known to paralyze many with anxiety.

Acing an interview of this magnitude requires you to, above all, maintain preparedness. All too often, people become complacent in their daily routines and rarely face the kinds of professional situations that serve to keep their interview skills “in shape.” Working as a contracted employee, you're constantly meeting new faces and tackling new challenges. Few people realize the value this kind of constant training holds in keeping your interview skills sharp.



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