Keeping Busy While Building Your Resume

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Doesn't working a lot of short-term contract assignments look like job hopping?

Keeping Busy While Building Your Resume

Sometimes what you don't do speaks louder than the sum total of your accomplishments. Those long gaps in employment you may have between unexpected layoffs and your next permanent job assignment are sometimes seen as suspect by prospective employers. In a world where making a solid impression can mean the difference between gainful employment and months of joblessness, taking on contract work to keep your income flowing could be the best and smartest decision. It can demonstrate to potential bosses that you're not the type of person to sit idly by when unforeseen circumstance rears its ugly head.

Some people may have a tendency to shy away from any action they think might label them as “job hoppers,” but peppering your resume with contract work does not reflect negatively. Bearing this in mind should help you decide that using a professional job recruiter is the right move at any time.



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