Same Work, More Pay

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Do contracted workers get paid more?

Same Work, More Pay

One of the main deciding factors for those who choose contract employment is the most elemental: pay. On average, contractors can expect to earn anywhere from 30 to 100 percent more than regular salaried employees, for performing the exact same work. Often the differential in pay is done to compensate the contracted employee for the lack of job security, coupled with the lack of health insurance coverage. In many cases a contractor may be required to make long commutes or even relocate to take on an assignment. Employees able to work remotely are also paid more due to the fact they incur no cost to the company for overhead. In all cases, it's standard for a company to offer a higher rate of pay to a contract worker as both compensation and to attract qualified candidates—an arrangement that can prove extremely lucrative to those actively involved with recruiting agencies.



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